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Weatherproof Jackets


REFINED BY SCANDINAVIAN WEATHER SINCE 2010A Scandinavian Edition jacket is created as a direct result of field testing in Scandinavian weather. To be able to keep you dry and warm from such weather, we use several features:HIGH QUALITY INSULATIONWhen insulation is being used, we work with high quality brands to give you a warm, durable and eco-friendly synthetic insulation. The result is a warm product with great freedom of movement and the unique feeling of being well dressed.TAPED & SEALED SEAMSJackets can be treated with a waterproof coating and have a waterproof membrane, but still not be fully waterproof. This is why we added taped seams.These are heat sealed seams that stop water from seeping through the stitches. This is especially functional if you wear your jacket...
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